New Research About Family Law

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The Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department convened the second Family Law System Conference in Canberra on 20-21 July. Here, we discuss some key research raised at the conference and how to access it.

What was the background to the Conference?

The title for this year’s Conference was ‘Working Together to Improve the Australian Family Law System into the Future’. Key speakers included the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia and significant researchers. Two lawyers from our firm attended the conference at the invitation of the Attorney-General’s Department.

What is some of the recent research?

There is a wealth of research into aspects of the family law system which has recently been made available. Significant research has been carried out about shared care arrangements, and the circumstances in which children do well and do not do well in such arrangements. A link to the research on the Attorney General’s website is available on our website at: The research also deals with violence in family law.

Further reform?

A number of speakers advocated for further reforms to the parenting provisions of the Family Law Act. Some speakers suggested that the legislation needs to be simplified. However, so far no indications have been made about any specific reforms, particularly in light of the upcoming federal election.