Elder Law

DDCS Lawyers recognise that there are certain concerns which are prevalent in and unique to older members of our community. Elder abuse means any kind of act, occurring within a trusting relationship, which results in harm to an elder person.

The most common form of elder abuse is financial abuse, such as misuse of money belonging to an elderly person or exerting pressure on an elderly person to transfer assets or make financial gifts. Elder abuse may also include neglect, physical abuse or psychological abuse such as threatening to withdraw care or preventing contact with other family members.

We can provide advice on accommodation options for elderly persons including; residential aged care, granny flat agreements and moving in with a family member. We can also advise how financial contributions from an elder person to a carer should be structured and documented.

DDCS Lawyers can also provide expert advice about appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney, should you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself due to accident, poor health or advanced age to make decisions for yourself. Being prepared and having an Enduring Power of Attorney also alleviates the burden for your family members or carers in obtaining legal authority, should you require assistance with managing your affairs in the future.

The abuse of our elderly is a serious family violence matter in our community. As many elderly people are vulnerable and at times isolated, it is imperative that people understand the legal assistance available. Our firm has lawyers that specialise specifically in this area and sensitively understand the challenges surrounding the issue. Please click here to find out more or contact us to arrange an appointment.
If you, your children or the elderly in your community are in a threatening or unsafe situation, please contact the Police on 000. The Domestic Violence Crisis Service also provides urgent information and support by calling the 24 Hour Crisis Line 02 6280 0900.