Relocation of children

Following the breakdown of a relationship, one parent may want to move and live in another place with the children. This can cause an array of issues if the other parent doesn’t agree. These cases are known as “relocation” matters and are often difficult to resolve by agreement.

One parent will often feel that the children will “miss out” on the relationship with them, if the move occurs.  These tensions are particularly acute if the proposed move is overseas, or at such a distance that regular time arrangements between the children and other parent become impracticable.

If the parents cannot agree to a relocation arrangement, the court will be asked to make orders in the best interests of the children. Relocation cases are not a separate category of parenting dispute and the court undertakes the same considerations as it would in other parenting cases. The court must weigh and assess each of the possible scenarios to determine which arrangement is in the children’s best interest.

DDCS Lawyers are experts in complex relocation matters, including where the proposed move is to another country. These situations create complex challenges where the experience and knowledge of your lawyer is vital to the success of the case. As with all issues relating to children, DDCS Lawyers are compassionate and sensitive to the issues at hand. DDCS Lawyers bring the benefit of specialist experience and knowledge to the facts of the matter, building a persuasive case to support what you seek for your children.