Negotiation & Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice requires both parties to work in cooperation to settle their disputes and reach agreements, without going to court. After committing not to go to court, negotiations are held in a mediation like environment with lawyers present and able to provide advice and guidance.

The process may also include both parties working with other professionals such as financial planners or child specialists, to ensure the best resolution is made.

This option aims to minimise conflict and provide a strong foundation for working through any future issues and ideally to improve communication foundations between the parties. DDCS Lawyers have specialist training in negotiation and additional training in collaborative practice. We can guide you in the process, helping you to minimise the stress surrounding issues that can otherwise be emotional and challenging. 

When collaboration isn’t desirable, traditional negotiation is an alternative. While still avoiding the courtroom, negotiation occurs between the lawyers and may involve meetings with the parties too.  It is outcome driven. DDCS Lawyers are skilled and sophisticated negotiators, utilising their knowledge and experience to settle matters in a timely manner. Supportive and goal orientated, we are committed to representing you to the best of our ability.