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So you are going to a Mediation…What happens in a mediation?

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In most family law and estate litigation disputes, the parties are required to attend mediation to attempt to resolve their dispute. This article describes what is involved and addresses the most commonly asked questions about mediation. What is mediation? Mediation … Read More

When superannuation doesn’t end up with the people it was intended for: blended families & government super conditions

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Imagine discovering that you do not have control about who your superannuation will go to upon your passing, even though you have documented your wishes in a will. A nasty surprise and it is occurring more than you might think. … Read More

Separating and need to plan care arrangements for your children?

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For most separating parents their primary concerns include their children’s wellbeing and fear about the legal process. Consequently, the first few questions I am usually asked are these: “How do I tell the kids we’re separating?” “I don’t want to … Read More

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