DDCS Recognised by Doyle's Guide to the Australian Legal Profession 

The latest Doyle's Guide to the Australian Legal Profession was released in August 2019. Doyle's Guide is a peer reviewed listing of the best firms and lawyers across Australia. As with previous years, DDCS Lawyers, as a firm and our individual Partners, have been recognised by Doyle's Guide across a number of rankings in the ACT:

Leading Family & Divorce Law Firms, ACT 2019 | First Tier Law Firm

Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers, ACT 2019 | Market Leader - Di Simpson | Preeminent Lawyer - Lois Clifford | Leading Lawyer  - Julie Dobinson and Alison Osmand | Recommended Lawyer - Phil Davey

Leading Parenting, Custody & Children's Matters Lawyers, ACT 2019 | Leading Lawyer - Alison Osmand and Di Simpson | Recommended Lawyer - Lois Clifford

Leading Family Law Mediators, ACT 2019 | Julie Dobinson

Leading Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Law Firms, Australia 2019 | First Tier Law Firm Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Law Firms, ACT 2019 | First Tier Law Firm

Leading Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyers, ACT 2019 | Preeminent Lawyer  - Rebecca Tetlow | Leading Lawyer - Phil Davey | Recommended Lawyer - Theresa Dowling

Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyers, Australia 2018 | Recommended Lawyers - Rebecca Tetlow & Phil Davey |

Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyers, ACT 2018 | Preeminent Lawyers - Rebecca Tetlow & Phil Davey |

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