Specialist Advocacy Practice

When an agreement cannot be reached, making an application to court is essential. Traditionally, most people engage a solicitor for the bulk of the matter and the solicitor will then engage a barrister to represent the client at the final hearing in court.

DDCS Lawyers has developed a Specialist Advocacy Practice to assist our clients by providing lawyers that are skilled both in the office and in the Court room. Led by partner Di Simpson, DDCS Lawyers are experienced and skilled court-room advocates, ensuring that you receive expert representation at all times, including in the Court room.

Di Simpson is an experienced and highly regarded advocate in both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court. Di has invaluable local knowledge of the practitioners and Court personnel in the Canberra community and can apply that expertise and insight to your advantage.

Through our Solicitor Advocacy Practice, you will experience the benefits of consistency, continuous representation and accountability. You will have the choice of having your solicitor, who knows your case intimately, also appear and argue for you in the court room.


“The experience of maintaining that continuity from the role of agent solicitor to then advocate/counsel was incredibly valuable in this particular case, given the level of complexity and the range of issues the Court were left to face. Ms Simpson’s advocacy skills, preparation and attention to all aspects of the case from an evidentiary perspective were excellent. Ms Simpson was able to adapt, process the ultimate effect of certain development and proceed in her advocacy role with fluency and appropriate evidentiary responses.” - Principal Solicitor NSW