Maintaining a Healthy Post-Separation Relationship

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We often describe divorce or separation as a relationship “break-up”. However, for parents at least, a relationship does not end at separation. Recognising the emotional impacts of separation is important, particularly for parents learning to parent children within two households instead of one.

What are the emotional impacts of separation?

Individuals may grieve and recover from a separation in different stages and at different times. While one party may have accepted a separation, the other may still be grieving over the prospect the parties will not reconcile. This is important to acknowledge when parties are attempting to negotiate a property settlement or parenting arrangements.

How do I parent with my former partner?

Parents may find it extremely difficult to cooperatively parent children, following separation. Conflict often escalates between parents when the emotions and grief of separation are still raw. Parents may benefit from post-separation parenting programs offered by services such as Marymead ( Receiving clear advice about your legal position may also assist.

Where can I get help?

If you need emotional support, Lifeline offers a 24 hour crisis line on 13 11 14. Relationships Australia (1300 364 277) offers counselling and family dispute resolution services. Our team of specialist family lawyers offers advice and family dispute resolution services, including mediation and other out-of-Court processes. Receiving legal advice following separation can be reassuring.