The Legal Definition of a Civil Partnership

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Common questions about civil partnerships.

What is a civil partnership?

A civil partnership is a domestic relationship between two adults regardless of their sex. You cannot be married or related to the person with whom you share a civil partnership.

How do I acknowledge/recognize our civil partnership?

You can apply to register your civil partnership. The Registrar General enters the particulars of the civil partnership in the register under the Births Deaths and Marriages 1997. You may also make a declaration of your civil partnership and participate in a ceremony before an official appointed under the Civil Partnerships Legislation.

Why is it important to register our civil partnership or make a declaration?

The legal recognition of your relationship may have ramifications if you separate from your partner and one of you seeks to claim an adjustment of property from the other. It may also have ramifications for you in the event of the death of your partner.

Can I terminate my civil partnership?

Yes you can. There are certain requirements that must be met under the Legislation for the termination of the civil partnership.

If you would like to discuss the ramifications of registering and/or terminating your civil partnership please contact us to make an appointment.