Canberra Business Chamber Inaugural Gala Dinner

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DDCS was delighted to attend the Inaugural Canberra Business Chamber Gala Dinner, held at Hotel Realm on 13 November 2014.

The event, attended by Julie Dobinson, Phil Davey, Lois Clifford, Di Simpson and Sally McGuinness (plus our guests) and around 500 others was a great success and is indicative of the support and enthusiasm of members of the Chamber. If you are doing or interested in doing business in Canberra, involvement in the Chamber is a wonderful way of forming connections, and obtaining support and inspiration.

The key note speaker of that night was Dr Sam Prince, medical doctor, businessman (founder of the successful Zambrero chain of restaurants) and most importantly, Philanthropist. Sam’s speech was inspirational and thought provoking. His present philanthropic pursuit through “One Disease at a Time” is the eradication of scabies in the indigenous population of East Arnhem. Scabies effects seven out of 10 children before their first birthday in remote indigenous communities.

His passion, vision and commitment is matched by those joining him in this quest, including Glenn Keys of Aspen Medical and ACT’s Australian of the Year.

Consider what you can do to assist One Disease at a Time (at