We love what we do.

Read some of the kind feedback we've received over the years - 

Juliet was both sagacious and empathetic. I am grateful for her professional assistance with this matter. - Sophie


From this I would really like to say a massive thank you to Chloe and staff for continually explaining and having the time to work on this problem for me. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to stand up for myself and empower me to know that I am doing the correct thing by the books. I am not familiar in any of these steps and you have made me feel like I have rights and am going about things in the right way. - Anna


I am very pleased with the way that DDCS and most particularly Rebecca and Rehana have helped me with the legal aspects of the administration of the estate. - James 


You are the first professional person I spoke with about my family matter in over 20 years. I have appreciated your legal advice. - Angela 


I'm writing to express my appreciation for the professionalism and competence I received from Dobinson Davey Clifford Simpson over many months earlier this year in a complex family law matter. In particular I would like to acknowledge to the Society Ms Julie Dobinson and Ms Alison Osmand whose legal skills and considered counsel saved me and my ex wife, considerable anguish and exposure. The skills of Ms Osmand and Ms Dobinson enabled a fair and very cost effective outcome for all concerned. This is reflected in the compliment paid by the Federal Magistrate. - Chris 


Clear communication without Jargon. Friendly atmosphere across all staff levels. Acknowledgment that avoiding large legal costs is awesome. - Quentin 


I always felt well supported by you and continue to feel grateful for that. - Heidi


Good clear communication. Thank you so much for all your assistance. Very professional and everything was clearly communicated, well done. - Christopher 


I was kept informed at all times with lots of sensitivity and consideration. I've enjoyed working with people who demonstrate professionalism, humour and respect, no offence but I hope we don't have to meet again at least in the legal environment. - Cathryn 


Thanks for all you help; you have made this process somewhat bearable. - David 


You really went over and beyond what anyone expected of this and you kept going and for that I owe you so much. I so appreciate your kindness and your understanding. - Fiona 


Thank you for all of your hard work, professionalism and kindness during one of the toughest periods of my life.  Your determination to get a fair result for me was outstanding and as a result I have been able to move forward in my life in leaps and bounds. - Natalie


Dobinson Davey Clifford Simpson were very professional, calm, understanding and worked through problems systematically and logically. - Richard


Not enough words can express my gratitude. Your professionalism and patience had just been exceptional. It has made the process much easier having such lovely and kind people to deal with. - Amy


DDCS listened to my instructions and understood my concerns. I received value for the fees charged. DDCS were professional and honest but had a personal touch. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and advice you have given me; it has been invaluable. Also admin staff- exceptional! - Michelle


DDCS had a no nonsense approach and a sense of humour. - Tony


Objective and always to the point.  Explanations were uncomplicated and coached in terms appropriate to the level of understanding of the client.  Helpful in suggesting courses of action.  No unnecessary delays. - Neville


I appreciated the plain English explanation and speedy completion of documents. - Jillian


Thank you for all your help in my matter.  I can’t express my sincere feelings enough and thank you for helping me and my children. - Marty


I appreciated your welcome, openness, efficiency, responsiveness, calmness, and kindness. - Mark


Juliet was sensitive to my emotional state, but pragmatic as well. I am very grateful for her thoughtfulness and for the settlement which was ultimately negotiated. - Jillian


My lawyer understood what I was trying to achieve and helped me regain focus during times when emotion clouded my judgment. I was extremely happy with how my case was handled. - Rebecca


At a very difficult time I was treated with respect and kept well informed. On my hearing date Julie was FABULOUS and I felt very confident with her ability. - Alison



Chloe is very knowledgeable and made everything easy for me to understand. Also, she was brilliant with the way she enabled and assisted me in doing what I could instead of billing me for every possible action like other firms did. At no stage was anyone less than totally open and honest, unlike other firms that wanted me to spend thousands fighting in court for pennies. - Lewis 


We both felt that the service we received was very professional and well informed. - Alex & Samantha


The partner I spoke with in my initial (somewhat urgent and upsetting) inquiry was very understanding and kind, taking the time to talk me through some basic options and helping me find the right solicitor in the firm, should I need to progress the matter. The solicitor I was assigned was brilliant. Carrie was on the ball, thorough, and reassuring. She was frank and open with my options but also took my desires and point of view into account. - Beth 


A compassionate understanding lawyer always very thoughtful and gave excellent advice. - Laura 


Alison, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your colleagues for all your efforts on our behalf in the past.  I found the last 12 months to be quite stressful and I am pleased that you were around to help out. - Mike


Dear Juliet, Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.  It has been a comfort to have so much confidence in your support and professional guidance. I am very excited about my future. Onwards and upwards! - Cat


Many thanks for all that you do, not an easy job, but one that I truly appreciate. Lois, I wish we had met under different circumstances; you are gentle, patient, wise and inspiring. - Nicki


My matter was dealt with in a most professional and friendly manner.  I was given clear explanations, courtesy, the lawyers were always on time for my appointments and they were always able to listen to me and interpret my requests to put into a legal framework. Thanks for your help, guidance and understanding. - Howard


I liked the clarity of explanations and prompt handling of my matter. I found your website very helpful; it contains excellent information about DDCS and the services you provide. - Bernadette


I found Di Simpson impressive and all the staff to be "on the ball", compassionate, kind and well-mannered. A pleasant change. I liked the fact that the lawyers I had contact with treated me with a respectful, non-judgmental attitude. - Karina


Rebecca responded to my requirements and answered all my questions. She was empathetic and gave me useful information that helped me make an important decision. - Peter


I found DDCS professional and accepted my accelerated timeline for which I am most appreciative.  I had such an excellent experience I cannot think of anything to suggest you change in the way you deal with future cases.  Simply, thank you for the excellent service! - Paul


I know you must see lots of clients and hear this many times, but thank you for your support and helping to protect my family. - Brian


Very flexible appointment times, prompt and friendly service and informative emails. - Glenn


I would recommend your services, I found the advice given to me was always pertinent to my situation and relevant to my financial situation. I found your website professional and reassuring. - Joanne


I liked that DDCS were so efficient. My Will and Power of Attorney were sorted in 2 visits. I also liked that everyone in the firm who I met, from the receptionists to Rebecca and the lady who witnessed my Will smiled. Your service was great. - Denise


Phil was thoughtful and empathetic and supported me through a drawn out and emotionally difficult period. I was also pleased with the occasional reality check which saved me some money on the settlement. Well done. Most appreciated. - John


Dear Juliet, Your kind, professional conduct of our case is much appreciated. Under the circumstances, it has been a good outcome. Your thoughtful approach has made the unbearable more bearable. - Malcolm & Lindy


All – Just a quick note to express my thanks for your patience, indulgence and perseverance on my behalf. I would like to say I enjoyed it but that would be a small fib, however, what I did enjoy was your collective support and advocacy on my behalf and I very much appreciated that, so thanks one and all and good luck and good health to you all. - Tim


To Dear Lois, I have counted my blessings every day to have had you to stand by me for the past six years. Thank you for being strong for me and for always being so compassionate understanding and kind. You will remain one of the angels in my life. I wish you happiness and contentment and no more cases like mine! - Lots of love and thanks, Helen.


I was kept informed at all times with lots of sensitivity and consideration. The website provided me with valuable information about the holistic approach that your firm adopts. I've enjoyed working with people who demonstrate professionalism and humour and respect. - Cathryn


You listened and took phone calls when it felt urgent to us. Thank you. - Neal